Project of the Week: Keytar Ver. PANTOGRAPH

By Emily Tuteur


This week’s featured project is made by our friends at KORG, aka PANTOGRAPH on the littleBits project page. They took inspiration from the littleBits Keytar project, which was designed for the littleBits/KORG co-branded Synth Kit, and made their own souped-up and stylish version. They customized the original circuit with a slide dimmer and added some sweet lighting effects using a bright LED. We must say this version totally rocks our socks!

Check out the following videos showing the construction of the keytar (listen closely to the soundtrack) and the instrument in action. Be sure to scroll down after the videos to see more shots of this beautifully constructed music machine.

large_IMG_0802 large_10547293_701094076626356_109409310123848741_o


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