Project of the Week: LEGO® PCB 1

By Emily Tuteur


This is maybe the most epic project we’ve seen yet! The LEGO® PBC 1 by LEGO® super maker, Philip Verbeek, is an a mind-blowing contraption made with littleBits, the littleBits Brick Adapter, and LEGO®. The main idea of this contraption is to move many balls through all sorts of different paths, making for in incredibly fun and exciting viewing experience. For reference, the contraption moves about 1 ball/second. Whoa!

Quite a bit went into the mechanisms for moving the balls. Philip used over 4000 LEGO® pieces, a LEGO® NXT, 3 LEGO® servo motors, 3 littleBits servo modules, 1 littleBits DC-motor, a LEGO® XL motor, 2 LEGO® Medium motors, and one LEGO® L motor. By smart gearing and combining littleBits modules with axles, he was able to keep this number of motors down. Otherwise it would be much more.


The intelligence and heart of the machine are hidden in 2 littleBits Arduino modules and a LEGO® NXT. They control the displays, the servos/motors, mp3-player, buzzer, LEDs and keep track of points, balls and coins.


Feast your eyes on this video:


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