Project of the Week: Spinning Replicator

By Emily Tuteur


This week, we absolutely must feature the Spinning Replicator designed by Arthur Sacek! This brilliant machine uses only littleBits, LEGO®, and a marker to scan and “print out” copies of illustrations. Each print takes about 30 minutes, and the machine will notify you through the cloudBit when the print is complete.

This project is extra magical because is was built without any programming. Here is Arthur’s description of how it works: “It moves like a gramophone, with two discs that rotate and a lever that travels from center to border. The lever has two sides – one has a light sensor and the other has a marker attached to a servo. When the light sensor is over a dark area, the marker goes down, when the sensor finds a bright area, the marker goes up.”


Without further ado, please enjoy this captivating video!

Also be sure to check out Arthur’s meticulous and beautiful documentation. See image below and be sure to check out the LEGO® model in LEGO® Digital Design (or in PDF format).

large_sketch large_SpinningReplicator_0006_transmission


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