Project of the Week: Squirrel Cam

By Emily Tuteur


This week’s Project of the Week and winner of the Smarter Devices Contest is the Squirrel Cam. Joey had a unique problem – a family of squirrels moved in under his house (in the crawlspace) and he needed to relocate them. To solve this problem, Joey used littleBits, a $5 camera from a garage sale and IFTTT.

How it works (from Joey’s excellent project description):

“The project consists of two circuits. The first circuit is placed next to a live Squirrel trap. It uses the motion trigger to detect the Squirrel and then triggers the servo bit to press the shutter release on a digital camera. The camera has an Eye-fi memory card which automatically sends photos or videos to my computer or smartphone once a Squirrel has been detected.

It also sends a wireless signal to the second circuit that lives in the house.

The second circuit is all about notification. It rings a buzzer and sends a signal via the Cloudbit to IFTTT which sends me a text message.

By dividing the Squirrel Cam into two circuits I was able to have the first circuit, with the motion detector and camera, run with just batteries as I have no access to AC in the crawlspace. The second circuit uses the USB power bit which is required by the Cloudbit.”

Watch the video explanation!


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