Project of the Week: The littleBits Express

By Emily Tuteur

The LittleBits Express v2 from Joey Wilson on Vimeo.

This holiday season we’ve seen some stellar new project uploads on littleBits’ makerhub and we absolutely must highlight the littleBits Express by Joey Wilson. This whimsical holiday display is triggered by the sound of a music box, causing a train to move on a magnetic track and the mp3 player module to play custom choo choo sounds.


The circuitry for this project is hidden inside a nicely decorated cigar box, which Joey painted with chalkboard paint so that he can change the graphics at any time. To create the magnetic track, Joey used a DC motor, a motorMate, LEGO axles and LEGO gears to build a looping chain with a small magnet fixed to it. When the magnet moves below the box top, the small train on top [which has a magnet too] moves in sync. Joey also added an mp3 player that plays custom train sounds that he mixed himself! 




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