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This isn’t your average code kit. The concept is simple, yet powerful: Build games. Learn to code. With the littleBits Code Kit, students learn the foundations of coding & engineering by building hands-on games with electronic building blocks and coding them using drag-and-drop programming on the littleBits Code Kit app.

littleBits has always been inspired by the educational visionary Seymour Papert and MIT’s Lifelong Kindergarten. And it’s from this group’s mission of learning through creation, invention, and design that the brand-new littleBits Code Kit was born.

The kit is centered around 4 key principles:

1. Make it fun.
In order for kids to learn, you’ve got to make it FUN. That’s why the littleBits Code Kit is centered on games. The students are hyper-engaged because they’re building something they can actually use with their friends. Students build inventions with littleBits electronic building blocks, then head to a computer to create the code that will bring that creation to life. The code is transmitted over Bluetooth wireless technology to the invention, which kids can then play with. They can even head back to the littleBits Code Kit app to change the code and change the game, making their own rules.

The kit comes with four inventions you code yourself: Tug-of-War (an electronic version of the field day classic), Ultimate Shootout (keep score electronically as you hit a ball into the goal), Hot Potato…of Doom (don’t be the last one holding the invention!), and a Rockstar Guitar (rock out on an instrument you created with code).

2. Make it easy.
Most schools don’t have dedicated STEM/STEAM time (if you do, we salute you!), so the kit has to be accessible for all teachers – even the ones who have no computer science experience. It comes with quick-start guides for both teachers and students, and the computer-based littleBits Code Kit app features interactive tutorials that familiarize you with our approachable drag-and-drop block programming.

3. Make it educational.
Sure, the kit’s fun. But the beauty of it is that it gets kids collaborating, and engages them in problem-solving and critical thinking as they build and program their own inventions they can play with. But…it’s not all fun and games. There are 100+ activities and lessons for educators for grades 3-8, that tie to Next Generation Science Standards and computer science standards.

4. Make it with educators.
This one was really important. Who knows teaching best? You guessed it: teachers. That’s why we had a panel of educators who helped co-design the kit. The challenges, inventions, and support materials were developed based on their experiences with students in classrooms, as well as independent, self-guided spaces like libraries and makerspaces.

littleBits is accepting purchase orders on the littleBits Code Kit starting today, and will be shipping in June. Check it out at It will be sold on the littleBits site, and through education product retailers for $299.95.

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