(Re)Creating the Everyday with Bits at MoMA

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Last week from Wednesday through Saturday, littleBIts teamed up with MoMA’s Design Interactions Studio to run a series of seven workshops allowing museum-goers the chance to get hands-on with a little part of the This is for Everyone exhibition.

We had over 80 participants total, including two homeschool crews, bunches of parent-kid dynamic duos, electronic music artists, seasoned sculptors, design students, and more.

During each two hour session, we challenged participants to invent an object that either (1) performed a chore or (2) made or played music. Here are just a few of the wonderful creations that emerged:

We had two stellar home school groups join us for a session. These two created a cleaning machine to wipe up dirt and dust. Another workshop participant suggested mashing up their invention with the artbot created by another member of their group (see the arc creations at the bottom of the image). Whether this becomes the next Roomba prototype or the next generation of autonomous art, we are totally behind it:


More drawing tools emerged in second homeschool group. While they had never played with littleBits, this crew had just been to the MIT Media Lab to get a lesson in design from the Scratch team at Lifelong Kindergarten. We can’t wait to see what they’ll invent next!


A music technologist, arts enthusiast, and academic combined forces to design an elegantly simple sound machine from a pot top, teaspoon, and servo:

3_MoMA Workshop 10.29 Low Res (1)

Three graduate students from the Transdisciplinary Design program at Parsons The New School for Design joined us to create a sound machine / alarm clock:

4_MoMA Workshop 10.29 Low Res (2)

Disco is not dead. This couple recreated a dance scene complete with spinning mirror ball:


This group of young bankers left work early on a Friday to learn how to prototype with littleBits. They loved ramen so much, they wanted to tackle the issue of it always being scalding hot by creating a self twirling machine that cooled the noodles down with a fan:


We had a blast with the MoMA Crew and can’t wait to go back!

0a_MoMA Workshop 10.29 Low Res (3)


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