Reuters: NASA tries space kits to engage kids in science and space

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Reuters visited the littleBits office for a preview of the Space Kit.


“Now, NASA, the U.S. space agency, hopes it has found a workaround through new space kits and a collaboration with a New York-based startup called LittleBits.

NASA, through its Aura mission to study the Earth’s ozone layer and climate, is working with LittleBits to develop activities around a new $189 space kit, announced on Thursday.

Using electronic modules such as motors and dimmers that snap together, the creations will perform functions that normally might require hours of tedious tinkering or piles of electronics components.

The new kits are more demanding than playing with snappable blocks like Legos, but far easier than wiring, soldering or programming.”


The writer, Sara McBride, also spoke with littleBits community members Ginger Butcher and Steve Heck about the Kit. The full article can be found at Reuters.


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