Run Your Own #TricksWithBits Halloween Workshop

By Chloe Varelidi

Want to run a pumpkin hacking workshop? Or have a costume-making party? Here are some simple steps to help you plan your event and make awesome #trickswithbits.

Step 1: Get equipped!

For pumpkins: Get medium sized pumpkins and curving tools.

For costumes- wigs, glasses, gloves, hats and other funky accessories that you can get in your local Halloween store work well.


Step 2: Choose your bits!

We recommend using one of our littlebits Halloween packs for this. If you want to do funky projects using music, the synth kit works well too!


If you have more Bits available, this is what you will need for a group of 20-30 students that you can group in teams of 3-4.

6 Batteries
6 Power
4-8 LEDs and/or Bargraphs
4 sound triggers
4 motion triggerss
20 sets of shoes (and velcro)
4 l-wire
2 Oscillator
2 Keyboard
2 Synth Speaker
2 Mix
2 Micro Sequencer

Step 3: Get some #bitspiration

Check out our Geeky Pumpkin Hacks

(like this pacman pumpkin we made at the office)

or this EPIC Michael Jackson stick figure costume!!

and plenty of electronic costume tips from Wearables Guru Becky Stern who wrote a guest post on our blog this week!


 Finally follow our #trickswithbits hashtag on twitter for inspiration from the community and share yours!

Step 4: Hack away! Ask your group to come up with an idea and give them about 30 minutes to tinker with the Bits and invent their circuit.


Once they have their concept down you can encourage them to start building their masterpieces. Here are some of our favorites from a recent event we hosted at our NYC Headquarters: A DJ Sleeve made with the Synth Kit speakers, oscillator and keyboard.


Insect eyes made with light wire and mesh tea balls (!)


Light wire gloves that glow when you dance with a friend. They use the wireless transmitter and receiver modules!


A disco pumpkin!

Step 5: Share your #trickswithbits

Don’t forget to share your creations on the project page and on social using the #trickswithbits hashtag to enter our Halloween Contest.

Like this Spooky Skeleton from our community projects!

Happy making!


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