Say “Hello” To Our Makedo Elephant, Edwin Sanook.

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Meet Edwin Sanook, the adorable elephant we made using makedo and littleBits. makedo is a product that nurtures open-ended play with three separate components: Safe-saw, Re-clip and lock-hinge. These reusable components attach to a variety of household products like cardboard and plastic containers, yielding hours of unlimited, imaginative play.

From the design of the makedo product and packaging, to their mission and the way they deliver content — we admire them very much. Both littleBits and makedo enable those without a design or engineering background to create by reusing the material around them. It’s exciting for us to introduce our unnamed* elephant, that moves toward you when you move toward it and buzzes and shakes when you clap. For full instructions on how to create our elephant, click here.


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