Saying “Thank you!” to the teachers that changed our lives

By allison vannest

Guest Post from Neveen Mourad, Sr. Manager of Community Programs at littleBits

When I was in high school, I had a teacher who invited me to “imagine anything,” but this was pre-littleBits. He taught me to imagine anything with words. From there, I grew a confidence in myself and in my imagination that went beyond the classroom. Almost 20 years later, he is still the teacher that has had the greatest impact on who I have become. He helped to shape how I think, examine the world, and rely on my own ability to imagine anything . . . and then make it into something that makes the world a better place.
Some of us had teachers like this — a teacher who was there for a defining moment in our youth, a teacher who had faith in us when no one else did, a teacher who saw in us something we didn’t see and helped us to cultivate and grow our inner superpowers. Those of us who had this experience were lucky. For me, this experience led me to pursue a career in education that began in the classroom — wishing that I could do for just one student what had been done for me.
Now at littleBits, I see every day how teachers around the world are making an impact on their students’ lives — they inspire students to think big, to tackle complex problems, and to come up with real-world solutions. From a hamster treadmill that helps animals get more exercise, to a baby on board monitor designed to remind parents to take their small children out of the car as a safety precaution to prevent dangerous heatstroke, teachers are helping kids to invent the world they want to live in.
And the future looks bright.
Teachers: YOU. ARE. AMAZING. We don’t thank you enough for all the wonderful things you do. So, we want to acknowledge you today, and throughout Teacher Appreciation month this month. That’s why, our team will be sharing short videos about our favorite teachers on our social media channels.

Join us in honoring your favorite teacher using #littleBits #TeacherAppreciation #ThankATeacher.
Here’s to you, educators around the world! With love, from littleBits. ?

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