September Community Call: Ayah Bdeir and our original Bitsters

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On this very special littleBits Community Call, we celebrated our 5 year birthday! Our founder, Ayah, joined the call and moderated questions brought in by you – our inventing community. From diving deep into littleBits’ beginning and early days, to successes and setbacks. All of these experiences have shaped who we are today, and Ayah hopes that the future of littleBits has more and more people getting excited about inventing and design.

“The next five years is going to be about going out to the rest of the world, outside of just the small maker community. And getting into every home, every school and we’ll be able to empower parents and teachers to inspire kids around them to become inventors.”

~ Ayah Bdeir


Now, go out there and innovate and create!

Stephanie Valente
Content Manager


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