Show Dad How Crafty You Are This Father’s Day!

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Parents love homemade gifts. Years of macaroni necklaces and handprinted turkeys have proved this. Children love to impress their parents. So, this Sunday, take the opportunity to make something truly impressive for — or with — your dad.

The Autonomous Art Bot

This is not a futuristic being. It’s something humans can make — humans like you! Inspired by the AIGA workshop, we made these drawing bots using pastels, a 3D printed dc motor attachment, Bits and rubber bands. From there, we let them lose on a large illustration and watched them go. After a few minutes, the rotation from the dc motor created fantastic circular patterns, the perfect compliment to our “dad” illustration (all dad really wants for Father’s Day is purple hair and a blue beard, right?)



We recommend doing two things with the autonomous art bot:

1. Make dad a lovely card or poster to hang on the wall (we recommend making Dad look good, he’ll really appreciate it)

2. Create a bot with your dad and experience the joy of autonomous art together!



There isn’t a wrong choice! For further instruction on how to make these beautiful bots, visit the project page.



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