Smarter Devices Contest Winners

By Emily Tuteur

The Smarter Devices Contest has officially come to a close. Thanks to all our participants for their cloudtastic entries ranging from a mug that tweets when you cheers to a tide machine that monitors real-time wave height to a Lego contraption that turns on your desktop computer remotely. Our panelists had a tough decision to make, but a couple projects really stood out.

Without further ado, the winners are:

Grand Prize Winner

“A family of Squirrels moved in under our house (in the crawlspace) and we needed to relocate them. The Squirrel Cam uses the motion sensor to detect the squirrel and then triggers the servo bit to press the shutter release on a digital camera. The camera has an Eye-fi memory card which automatically sends photos or videos to my computer or smartphone once a Squirrel has been detected. It also sends a wireless signal to the second circuit that lives in the house that rings a buzzer and sends a signal via the cloudBit to IFTTT which sends me a text message.”


Runner Up

“Manage your garden watering system with simple events in a Google Calendar. Through the magic of LittleBits, IFTTT and Google, it’s not only possible, but easy!
his project uses the LittleBits cloudBit, along with IFTTT (If This Then That) to check events on a Google Calendar. The calendar could then be adjusted based on weather conditions. If an event is found with the title ‘Watering ON’, the cloudBit is triggered, switching the latch to ‘ON’ and triggering a relay switch, which in turn triggers a solenoid valve that allows water to flow through. When an event in Google Calendar with the title ‘Watering OFF’ is found, the cloudBit is triggered again which switches the latch to ‘OFF’ de-activating the relay switch, turning off the solenoid valve.”


Be sure to check out these amazing projects, and stay tuned for the next littleBits contest. Happy making!


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