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We are so excited to be announcing a very special contest in partnership with our friends at Shapeways.



Find something in your house that you consider mundane. A coffee mug, a pair of old gloves a floppy disk. Now ask yourself, how can you make it smarter? With littleBits and 3D printing, of course! Upcycle that object into something smarter and cloud-connected. Start doodling ideas and check the rules below.


The maker behind the smartest, most awesome project submitted will get a One of Everything Collection, which includes 100 Modules ($1,913 value) and $500 in 3D printing credit from Shapeways.

In addition, the top three entries will be showcased in our MakerFaire booth in San Francisco this May and featured in our newsletters and our Community Hall of Fame.



The contest takes place in 2 phases.

Ideas Phase: Deadline to submit is March 28th. APRIL 10TH
Submit concepts for your creation. It can be sketches, prototypes or a rough 3D model. If you don’t have littleBits then show us a layout of how you would incorporate them. We care about ideas in this phase so don’t worry about things not looking so perfect.

To enter this phase upload your projects to the littleBits project page using the hashtag #shapebits.

*Remember this is a community who loves sharing work in progress. Don’t be shy to share your piece even if it is not finished yet and ask in the Project Buzz category in the littleBits forum for help.

Finalists Phase: Ends April 30th May 31st.

After the final deadline, our expert panel of super star judges will be invited to review the entries and select 5 contestants for the “Finalists” phase.
During this phase contestants will receive free bits to create their projects and a coupon from Shapeways to print them out. Final projects will need to be uploaded by April 30th May 31st on the Shapeways & littleBits sites both using the hashtag #shapebits.



Our judges will rank entries across these measurements of awesomeness;
Creativity — how inspired is your creation, how close to the theme is it.
Technological Achievement – how well does this project incorporate the potential of littleBits + 3D Printing
Aesthetics– how well designed and polished is your final object



Here are some projects from our Makeathon with Shapeways to inspire you:


Remorse-code by Adelle & Caroline




Tooth Doodle by Boian & Marjorie



Sheet Saver by Bianca, Chris, Daniel, Jude, Nick & Stephanie




We are delighted to have a group of all-star judges reviewing the entries for this contest. Meet them below!


Heidi Farrell, Design Engineer at Smart Design, NY
Heidi Farrell is an engineer who designs mass-produced, everyday products. She has worked on things like kitchen tools for OXO and camera gear for Joby x Lowepro. Based in Brooklyn, Heidi studied product design at Stanford, has worked in SF and Stockholm, and is currently a design engineer in Smart Design’s New York studio.



Ron Rosenmann, Senior Design Technologist, Frog Design, NY
Ron focuses on interaction prototyping and building UX simulations as part of the design process at Frog. A nice sampling of his awesome work can be found here.



Andrew Mager, Developer Evangelist, Smart Things, SF
A developer evangelist at SmartThings in the Bay Area, helping developers all over the world integrate their devices and code into their home automation schemes.



Oscar Salguero, Senior Designer at Kid O Toys, NY
Industrial designer by training, Oscar has worked on products ranging from high end furniture in Tokyo to energy generating soccer balls for developing communities in Nigeria and Brazil. He’s currently leading a new line of sensory oriented & developmental toys for kids under 6 years of age.


To get your creative juices flowing on how 3D + littleBits can be incorporated check out the Shapeways+ littleBits page and browse through some of our favorite picks below.  Want more inspiration? Stay tuned for a special edition of our Tips &Tricks for 3D Afficionados coming later this week.

littleBits Drawbot Pencilholder

Hue Lighting Controller by Jeremy Blum

GramoPaint by Milind & Sopan of Makers Park


Join us at the littleBits HQ this Saturday February 28th for the 3D + IoT: Make Smarter Gadgets Make-a-thon to get started on your submission. Hear from inspiring speakers, tinker with materials and meet like-minded folks. RSVP HERE:

That’s all bitsters. Have questions? Ask away on twitter using #shapeBits. Happy making!


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