Snap the Gap: Girl Scouts Sacramento Showcase

By Vicki Grisanti

Last week, the Girl Scouts of Sacramento and Yolo Counties hosted a Snap the Gap showcase featuring musical Rube Goldberg machines and inventions that help solve a problem for others.

Girls with the Snap the Gap MUSIC Kit were challenged to use their Bits and found materials to create an invention that would make a sound. They used learnings from previous sessions around musical sensor circuits and simple machines to create, test, and improve their inventions.


Girls with the Snap the Gap STEM kit were challenged to create an invention that helped improve someone’s life. This multi-purpose flashlight named “bob!” can help someone walk around in the dark, make it easier to get up at night to go to the bathroom, or even act as a book light.  This invention uses a proximity sensor so that you only use the light when you need it rather than wasting energy by always having the power on.

Hear what mentors had to say about the program:

“It's a fantastic group of girls who are eager and excited to explore and build. The video tutorials are extremely helpful for setting up the kits, and the girls really enjoyed digging in.”

“Love this program! It was great to see the girls face challenges and frustrations but continue on without giving up. They were communicative with each other and with me, and that made the exercise and their engagement really work. Even better was seeing when one of the girls got through a particular sticky spot and then turned to help her fellow mentee while I was working with the third girl.”

“The students built levies and got very creative and excited with their projects. It was fun to see them collaborating in pairs!”

We can’t wait to see what these girls invent next!

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