Snowed In with littleBits

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As piercing gusts of wind are about to cover the streets with fresh snow and the majority of us on the eastern seaboard are staying in during the blizzard. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to gather the family and make some blizzard-themed projects that help you monitor the weather as well as stay entertained.


Signs of Snow

Superuser Zachary McCune loves to ski, but it doesn’t snow often in San Francisco. So Zach made this fun invention to notify him when it’s snowing in Tahoe

Is it snowing in Tahoe yet? Hard to know in sunny San Francisco 204 miles away. So I made a retro billboard connected to Yahoo! Weather via If This Than That to flash on when the snow is falling. Then I just need to grab my ski pass and head for the hills.


Real Time Weather Dashboard

Monitor current and forecasted weather data with littleBits and a little coding. We wrote a short program that gets information from Weather Underground and sends that data through the littleBits cloud to a cloudBit. Every 30 minutes the program asks Weather Underground for the current temperature and the forecasted high, low, and conditions for New York, NY. Then it converts this information into a voltage which is sent to each cloudBit, adjusting the angle of the servos!


3D Printed Minecraft Skier 

Go skiing from the comfort of your couch! Our Global Chapter in Sydney, Australia made a 3D printed skiing Minecrafter for our BitOlympics challenge this year. Add a cloudBit to make it ski whenever someone tweets #blizzard2016!


Card Dispenser

Rummy, Hearts, Go Fish, War, whatever your game is FishGodFTW’s creation can help you add some speedy pacing to any card game. Attach a toy car’s wheel to a DC Motor module, place the wheel over a deck & snap it to a Sound Trigger to dish card with a holler.


Improv Conversation Game

Quickly escalate normal conversations with Jude Brisson‘s Improv Conversation Game project. Take turns asking questions and answering in a random manner. When you ask a question loudly enough, the sound trigger and random module make the servo point to a random emotional response.


Post-Christmas Remote-Controlled, Voice-Activated Catapult

Do you still have your holiday decorations up? Shoot them down with leftover Christmas nuts and BobD‘s catapult! Perfect for miniature snowball fights in your living room.


Quiet Time Machine

At the end of your day, when the kids are still rowdy and you just want some peace & quiet, make your own Quiet Time Machine. Using a sound trigger, a number+ module, and a threshold, Tom Balzamo’s contraption works on a three “strike” system. Every time his kids make a noise, the sound trigger causes the number+ module to count up. When the number+ gets to 3, it triggers the servo to open the door on a candy dispenser and drop a few treats from the kids’ section to Dad’s section.


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