Sound on Sound: Korg & littleBits launch new Synth Kit modules

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Sound on Sound wrote about the new Synth Kit modules and how they’ll expand the universe of what beginners and professional musicians alike can create with littleBits.


“While the original Synth Kit was certainly fun to play with and had educational value for learning about synthesis, it was not particularly easy to incorporate it, in any meaningful way, into a modern recording setup. That looks set to change with the introduction of three new modules launched by the companies behind the Synth Kit. . . perhaps most significantly is the USB I/O module, a USB audio interface that enables recording straight into your DAW from the Synth Kit, or alternatively the sending of audio from your DAW to the Synth Kit for processing. This combined with the other two Bits will permit integration of the Synth Kit with your recording setup.” 


Screen Shot 2014-06-16 at 12.03.33 PM



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