Space Exploration Educators Conference Highlights

By Erin Mulcahy

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This month, elementary school science and math teacher Michael Wilkinson attended the Space Exploration Educators Conference (SEEC) to run a littleBits Space Kit Workshop. Check out his event highlights in this special guest blog:

I just spent an amazing week with Camilla Corona the Space Chicken and nearly 400 educators from all over the world, sharing and learning about space education. Hosted by Conference Queen and SEEC Goddess, Angela Case of Space Center Houston, this is an amazing event. Imagine educators who all have a passion for STEAM and space?! Mix in a couple of astronauts and special tours of Johnson Space Center and you’ve got yourself one amazing conference! This was the 21st Annual Space Exploration Educators Conference held at Space Center Houston.

I had the opportunity to share the littleBits Space Kit in my workshop “A littleBit of Space Fun” on Friday, February 6. Joined by 15 educators from around the United States, we had a lot of fun exploring the potential of these materials. The participants were challenged to build energy sensors, space communicators and Mars rovers during the workshop. Everyone had a great time and there were some creative solutions to the challenges. One of the best parts was the collaboration and sharing of ideas, both during the construction and at the end of workshop discussions. We concluded the workshop by racing our rovers. This is the second year that I’ve presented littleBits at SEEC and they are always very popular. There is a lot of interest in how they can be used in educational settings. I hope to return to SEEC again next year to present another workshop on littleBits.

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You can read more about the Space Workshop and download a copy of the presentation here. Thanks Michael for sharing your experiences!


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