Spooktacular Project-Based Learning for Large Classes

By Vicki Grisanti

There’s no magic spell for managing large classes of excited learners, but we’ve rounded up a few tricks and treats to help keep students engaged and learning. With Halloween just around the corner, there’s no better time to try a few of our kid-tested and teacher-approved spooktacular tips! 

  • Teamwork! Students benefit by checking in with their peers and learning from each other. In large classes especially, pairing students up or creating small group activities can help give everyone a chance to speak up. Project-based learning is best done in a small group and we’ve got just the activity to get you started — Hack Your Halloween Workshop Guide. Create a mini-design challenge with chills and thrills discussion to kick things off. Teams pick the theme that work best for them and start inventing.
  • Time Check! Students may zip through one lesson, only to struggle and take more time than expected on the next. It can be a challenge for sure, but understanding that fact alone and staying flexible throughout the day can help. Quick, efficient hands-on projects are a great option to ensure you and the class stay on task and have fun doing it. Invite students to learn about circuitry, design, and predict the future in our Fortune Teller lesson.
  • Get Loud! Traditionally, we think that quiet classrooms are full of thoughtful, diligent, concentrated students. This notion is outdated and has no place with Bits that are meant to blink, beep, turn, spin, and so much more. Create a noisy boisterous group of fun-seeking, inquisitive learners with Sound Monsters

These were just a few of the tricks that educators have shared with us over the years and we hope they serve you well whether you have a class of 5 or 45 students. Share how you’ve incorporated littleBits to boost classroom learning and pass on your own tips!


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