Spreading the littleBits Mission To Every City

By Adam Skobodzinski

Imagine a world where littleBits fueled creativity, play and learning was introduced to every person, young and old, around the globe. Why not start by making an impact in your own city or town!

Our community is amazing, you wow and amaze us every day with your creativity, and we’d love to empower you to share your expertise and passion for littleBits with your own networks. Whether you are already attending events or looking for a way to get more involved, we have the support and resources you need to take your show on the road. You don’t need to be an expert in electronics or engineering – all you need is enthusiasm and a desire to make a positive impact.

By leading your own event, you’ll share your knowledge and experiences with others, make new friends, develop professional connections, bring smiles to people’s faces, hone your public speaking skills and inspire others to embrace the power of electronics and technology. To broaden your reach, share your story with us for a chance to be featured in our blog, newsletter and social channels. The time for the littleBits electronic revolution is now – grab your favorite project, lesson plan or workshop and join us!


If you are interested in spreading the littleBits mission of “putting the power of electronics into the hands of everyone,” follow our 5 simple steps to become the master of the littleBits event experience:

1. Have a Selection of littleBits modules and Kits

The more modules the better! People love snapping together the modules and creating their own circuits. Having a good selection of littleBits modules and Kits is a sure way to run a successful event. An event leader will be comfortable explaining how to build a basic circuit and identifying and using the different modules.


You don’t need to have every product to run an event, but if you need some assistance building your collection send us a message and we can see how we can help: support@littlebits.cc.

2. Build a Project

Use a range of materials from recycled cardboard to laser cut acrylic – whatever you are most comfortable with. Bring your project to the event to show off what you’ve made.

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 9.43.11 PM

3. Find an Event

You may already have an event in mind or be in search of the perfect venue to try out your littleBits skills. We typically attend Maker Faire NY and Bay Area, but there are Maker Faires popping up all over the world. Many fairs, festivals and conferences will let you run a table or workshop free of charge!

ed day makerfaire ny

4. Prepare for the Event

With your product, projects and event date set, you’ll also need some collateral and light reading material. You can download a trifold brochure here for handouts and print out our newsletter form for people to add their emails. We definitely suggest bringing a handful of extra 9V batteries or AC power adapters if you have an outlet. You don’t need a fancy table cloth or banner, but feel free to make your own posters and signs. The more creative the better (try making it spin and light up!).

Check out these links and videos to help you prepare for hand-on activities and questions you might encounter:

– Demo overview videos: Setting up a littleBits demo and Giving a littleBits demo

– Ayah’s TED talk and her background

– littleBits brand video

Exploration video

– Synth Kit video

Space Kit video

Also check out our tips and tricks to expand your circuitry knowledge. Practice makes perfect!



If workshops are more your style, download our workshop guide for sample sessions and suggested materials.




5. Document and Share

Now that the big day has arrived, don’t forget to share your experiences! Send us pictures and tweets @littleBits so we can show off your great work.

After the event, take a picture of the newsletter form so we can add your excited fans to our outreach. If you’d like to reach superstar community status, we would LOVE to feature you on our blog and newsletter. Send us your story and we’ll take it from there!



It’s your time to shine!

Now you are prepped and ready to take the plunge into running your very own event. Best of luck for an amazingly memorable and fun-filled experience and warm welcome to the littleBits community!



Any questions? We’d love to help. Email us at support@littlebits.cc and our team will be in touch with you soon.



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