Start Inventing With Your Deluxe Kit

By admin

The Deluxe Kit  is the biggest collections of Bits™ Modules we’ve ever made. Filled with 18 modules, this kit offers the most possibilities for creativity! Check out some of our favorite projects to inspire you and help get you inventing!

1. Unihorn Bike Helmet

Wear this mystical helmet to light your way as you bike through the city.

2. The GoPro Revolver

Create a revolving platform for your GoPro to record your favorite events.

3. 4ft Ferris Wheel

This giant ferris wheel, created by a member of our community, is featured at an indoor mini-golf course!

4. Robot

Give life to a cardboard box, and create an interactive robot.

5. Stomping Shoes

Need cool shoes for your next dance party? Check out these light up sneakers that glow when you walk.

Pick up your own Deluxe Kit here to get started inventing. Looking for even more project ideas? Check out our project page here. Or better yet inspire us and our community by sharing your inventions.


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