Super Spooky Halloween Inventions from littleBits

By Allie VanNest

We may not be as excited about Halloween as this guy, but we’re still pretty excited!

Over the years, our inventor community has produced some amazingly spooky Halloween decorations and inventions. We love this time of year because it really makes people flex their arts and crafts muscles, and when you add littleBits and a little bit of STEAM to that witch’s brew, you get some chilling results.

Check out a few of our favorites!

Creepy Portrait

Have you ever felt like a painting is following you around the room with its eyes? With a few Bits, this invention might thoroughly creep out your party guests! Simply cut the eyes out of an existing portrait and replace them (from the back) with new ones. Use the servo Bit to move the new eyes back and forth. Then, as a thrilling final touch, add a motion sensor in a hidden spot on the outside of the painting. Its eyes will start moving back and forth when someone walks past it!

Aliens Attack

Sure, ghosts are scary, but what about aliens? Our Gizmos and Gadgets Kit can be hacked for some spooky fun. This invention took the Rotolamp invention and used it as a prop for a fun stop-motion movie! It’s a great reminder that adding the “Art” in STEAM can be fun and inspirational — and that you can repurpose anything with a little creativity and a couple of crayons.


Sometimes the coolest decorations just put a new twist on an old idea. We’ve seen a million jack-o-lanterns, but have you ever seen one that responds to sensors? By connecting the sound trigger and Bright LED Bits, you can startle your friends with a clap. It also negates that pesky hazard of having an open flame in your house.

Creature in the Cap

We love it when we see inventors using inventions from our kits in new and interesting ways. The Creature in the Cap invention was especially cool because it took an existing invention and built on it. Using the Night Light Hall of Fame Kit as a base, these clever inventors added more LEDs and servos to create the illusion of a scary monster hiding on top of someone’s head. They even made a short film about it!

We’ll just have to wait until next October to see more creepy inventions, but in the meantime share your Bitsy inventions this Halloween and tag us on Instagram so we can share them with the world!

Happy Halloween!

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