Supercharge Your New Year

By Emily Tuteur

Make it a Holi-DIY to Remember (Part 4)!

2013 has come and is almost gone. Ring in 2014 in littleBits fashion with sparkling party accessories, electrifying synth sounds, and some surprising servo interactions.

1. New Year’s Party Hat

Dress for the occasion. Dazzle on New Year’s Eve with this party hat! Check out the how-to video where Ayah, littleBits Founder & CEO, explains how to make this project using the pulse, a lightwire, and a bright LED.


2. Light-Up Party Jacket

Be the life of the party with this flashy light-up jacket! Lightwires, bright LEDs, long LEDS, and RGD LEDs pulse to the song on your mp3 player through the microphone module.


3. Loudspeaker Countdown

Countdown to midnight with this voice-changing microphone. You can modify your voice by experimenting with the delay and filter modules.

4. DIY New Year’s Ball Drop   Unable to watch the ball drop in Times Square or on TV? Worry not, celebrate at home with this DIY version. You will be in for a surprise when the ball hits the roller switch and triggers a servo. Confetti may or may not be involved.


5. BitWorks Celebration

Missing the fireworks as well? In this display, you can watch the NYC skyline come alive with lights. A combination of pulse and inverter modules create a symphony of flashing RGB LEDs, bargraphs, and bright LEDs.

4thOfJulyGIF (1)

6. Auld Lang Syne on Synth

At the stroke of midnight, let loose with a synth version of Auld Lang Syne. Add a long decay to the envelope module to make the notes on the keyboard hold sound for a longer time.

7. What will you make in 2014?

Get inspired and make something that does something with littleBits. We can’t see what you make! Upload your projects on our project page.


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