Synth Kit Launch Party

By Adam Skobodzinski

This past Thursday, November 7th, littleBits partnered with KORG to launch the Synth Kit at Le Poisson Rouge in Greenwich Village with performances by Seth, Nullsleep and headliner, Reggie Watts. It was a gathering of music enthusiasts, tech lovers, designers, tinkerers, innovators and curious minds alike. The event was designed to showcase littleBits’ latest endeavor into the electronic music realm. The Synth Kit is a collection of 12 modules that snap together with magnets that give anyone from beginners to seasoned musicians the ability to create their own electronic soundscapes.


Reggie Watts with the Synth Kit


Nullsleep with the Synth Kit

Attendees were invited to explore the Synth Kit at demo stations located throughout the venue. The Bits modules were available at each station for people to play with, experiment with sample circuits, or build unique sound machines. Projects made with the Synth Kit modules, like the Keytar and Synth Spin Tables, were also on display.





To kick off the festivities, founder and CEO of littleBits, Ayah Bdeir spoke about the collaborations and innovations behind the littleBits Synth Kit and the power of a modular synthesizer with a reconfigurable format. Paul Rothman, MC, and one of the brains behind the Synth Kit introduced the first musical act, Seth, to the stage. Seth is made up of Tadahiko Sakamaki and Tatsuya Takahashi, our partners at KORG who helped engineer and develop the Bits modules. Rothman joined Seth onstage for an amazing show using a setup that included Synth Kits, Korg Volca Keys, and Volca Beats synths.







Next on the bill was Nullsleep aka Jeremiah Johnson, electronic musician and computer artist. Nullsleep put on an epic set that demonstrated the Synth Kits’ capacity to interact with other musical equipment. He used a Sequentix CirklonCVIO to control the Synth Kit modules.  IMG_8686LR




To cap off the night was a special performance by comedian and musician extraordinaire, Reggie Watts, who gave the crowd a taste of his wacky brand of humor and musical talent. Watts was instrumental in early brainstorms about the Synth Kit and put on a truly memorable performance. He used a Synth Kit in combination with a Line6 DL4 and Electro-Harmonix 45000 loopers.  


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