This weekend, we will welcome summer with celebratory BBQ, swimming, and white pants. As any experienced Memorial Day host will tell you, party details matter. Touches like garnishes and decorations will show guests that you have emerged from the winter months a more crafty, and clever host. With that in mind, we created the ‘Takeout Tiki Torch.’ We believe it’s the perfect party accessory:

  • Sustainable. It’s made out of a Chinese takeout box!
  • Whimsical. It’s made out of a Chinese takeout box!
  • Versatile. Keep the takeout box on the dowel for a Tiki Torch-inspired look, or take the box off and make a hanging lantern.
  • Practical. Add light to a patio or mood lighting in an indoor space.
  • Electric. There’s no fire involved, so it’s safe for kids and adults who have celebrated too much.
  • Cordless. The light is powered by the bits contained in the box and on the dowel! Save the outlet for you iPhone dock.
  • Bright. There’s no denying the lure of something bright and shiny.
  • Easy. This Torch only takes a few minutes to create, you can make your own while your gooey butter bars cool.

Best of all, the Takeout Tiki Torch looks like a complicated and expensive piece, but it’s not! We made ours using the San Francisco bundle, which is priced at $59 (regularly $95), 1 takeout box and some craft supplies. Our San Francisco bundle contains our most flashy Bits and is available for a limited time.


Want to make your party even brighter? Consider making a motion-activated “Welcome” sign, light-up party hat, Unihorn bike helmet or drum and bass bling necklace.




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