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We have seen so many spellbinding classroom inventions brewing around our monthly challenges that we decided to get educators in on the challenge action. Not only can you win prizes by sharing your lesson, you will also inspire other littleBits educators!

It’s easy. Here’s the deal:

WHEN: Now through January 5
WHAT: Create a Harry Potter-inspired lesson based on the Magic of Invention Challenge. It can be for any subject area or grade level or lesson plan format, but it must use littleBits.
HOW: Share it with us. You can enter the lesson challenge in two ways:

  • Upload it to the littleBits lesson platform
  • Share a link to your lesson on your preferred platform on Twitter using the hashtag #littleBitslessons

WHY: The winner will receive a Rule Your Room Kit. We will also choose one lesson per week at random to win a pair of magically Bitsy purple socks and a special littleBits classroom poster.

Extension Activity
Want to go for a double win? Have your students submit their inventions to the challenge where they could win $200 in Bits!

Liza Stark
Senior Manager of Learning + Engagement


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