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Last week, littleBits’ operations, design and digital teams held an internal Make It BIG design challenge. The teams were given an hour and a half to conceive and create a display using the Make It BIG bundle and materials around the office. The final projects were judged on creativity, team work, sustainability, size and cheesiness. Here’s what we came up with:

Design Team: Wine Chime

This acoustic chime filled the office with BIG sound. The installation was made using the Bit bundle and a wrench attached to the ceiling with fishing line, cardboard, and rubber bands. The project received high marks on creativity, team work and sustainability, but the cheesiness factor wasn’t enough to win the trophy. You can view the project page for further instructions and enjoy the sweet sounds below:


Digital Team: Otis’ Oracles

Curious about the quality of your beard or gentrification of your neighborhood? Ask Otis. Otis’ Oracle machine was created out of a computer box, paper towel roll, ping pong balls, craft paper and popsicle sticks. By moving the slide dimmer in the back of the machine, Otis’ tie rotates and dispenses a Brooklyn-bred ping pong ball of fortune. The cheesiness factor carried this project as it was based on a series of inside jokes within the team. However, it was not cheesy enough to take home the prize.


Operations Team: Super Bitster

Super Bitster orbits the Earth with the power of the DC motor and craft materials. This impressive display earned the Barbie doll Super Hero high marks in all categories and the grand prize! You can learn how to create your own Super Bitster here.


Feeling inspired? Create your own Make It BIG display for a chance to win $500 worth of Bits!


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