The Benefits of Bringing Your Dog to Work in NYC

By allison vannest

June 22 is “Take Your Dog to Work Day,” when many employees get to cancel the pet sitter for the afternoon and bring Fido into the office. However, at littleBits, we’re lucky to call every day “Take Your Dog to Work Day.”

Bringing our canine friends to work alleviates stress and increases employee performance, among other benefits. So, without further ado, meet the four-legged littleBits team!

Name: Chartres
Alias: The Beast
Age: 8
Weight: None of your business!
Role at littleBits: Head Food Scrap Locator. If it’s on the floor, I’ll find it!
Likes: String cheese, meeting new dogs, chasing my stuffed hot dog
Dislikes: Walks in the rain!


Name: Gary
Alias: Gary-kun, Garboy, Little Sir, Cat with no Eyes
Age: 4
Weight: On the decline since my mom started to crack down on her coworkers that feed me (read: that I relentlessly beg)
Role at littleBits: Sr. Skeptic
Likes: My mom
Dislikes: Everyone else


Name: Mugsy
Alias: Mugsy the Pugsy
Age: 7 months
Weight: 16 pounds
Role at littleBits: Vice President of Naps
Likes: Any and all treats, playing fetch with my stuffed chicken bone toy, sleeping, short walks
Dislikes: Loud noises & dogs that won’t play with me


Name: Frankie
Alias: Frankers, Bear, Muppet
Age: 4
Weight: 12lbs
Role at littleBits: Head Greeter
Likes: Licking everyone and my stuffed Lamb Chop
Dislikes: Wet paws


Name: Zhushka
Alias: Zooey, Little Bug
Age: 8
Weight: 14 pounds
Role at littleBits: Love Bug
Likes: Everyone, being crazy, licking everything
Dislikes: Getting dirty


Name: Sasha
Alias: Sausage
Age: 5-ish
Weight: 16 pounds (on a good day)
Role at littleBits: Cuddle Master
Likes: My moms, my toy duck
Dislikes: Anything on wheels


Name: Oreo
Age: 9
Weight: 70-ish pounds
Role at littleBits: Kitchen Clean-Up
Likes: Food
Dislikes: Paw-booties


In addition to pups, our team is comprised of inventors who thrive in an open, creative, and flexible environment. And we love perks! Visit us at or follow us @littleBits to learn more.


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