The Best “Bitsy” Holiday Inventions

By Allie VanNest

At littleBits, we LOVE the holidays. Snowy weather, warm songs, time with family — these are all things that define the season for us. But what’s truly gratifying is how inventors pull out all the stops with their decorations, incorporating littleBits to bring the festivities to the next level. Whether it’s blinking LEDs or a twirling Santa, littleBits is here to take your yule-time glee up a notch.

Here are a few of our favorite inventions from holidays past. We hope they give you the inspiration to add a little STEM to your holiday spirit!

Pretty On the Inside Holiday Sweater

Need to make your ugly holiday sweater more dynamic? Running some LEDs through your romper can make it really pop. The Ugly Sweater Hack has been a huge hit around our office, and it could really take your next family party to new heights.

Desktop Dispenser of Holiday Cheer

Kick out the holiday jams with this desk decoration. Snap together the MP3 Player, Synth Speaker, and Bar Graph Bits, along with a Split, and you have a portable cheer machine.


Step up your tree game by making your own Bitsy ornament. Power + Wire + Pulse + LED will give you a blinking circuit that you can wrap into any kind of transparent shell, adding a little twinkle to your tree.

Hat’s Off to this Animated Holiday Hat

We love hat inventions, and this is no exception. You can display a holiday scene inside a top hat to surprise your friends and family with a Bitsy zoetrope. Cut out your designs with paper and then spin some LEDs with the DC motor. Use the pressure sensor as a hidden activation button and you have magic coming out of the top of your head!

Hershey Kiss Synth Commercial

We love the holidays, but we might love candy and classic TV commercials more. Remember that old Hershey Kiss commercial that comes on around the holidays? We made our own version with the Synth Kit and Makey Makey Bits. Creating some sensors with conductive thread, we recreated the tones in the song. Lift the kiss and it triggers the Synth Bit to play the note.

As we speed towards the end of the year, we hope that you are happy, safe, and full of ideas and inventions to make 2019 the best, most creative year ever!

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