The best July 4th inventions for your kid

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Whether you’re BBQ party planning, camping, or just hanging back this July 4th, don’t forget to mix in some inventing time with your family. From Bitified fireworks to campfires that can keep you cool, these 7 July 4th-themed inventions will get your child engaged and feeling creative.


1. BitWorks

Want to wow your 4th of July guests with a dazzling display that will occur rain or shine? Make your own Bitified fireworks!

2. Cross the Delaware

Use the Gizmos & Gadget Kit, 2nd Edition to make your own remote controlled fan boat & recreate George Washington’s iconic journey across the Delaware River in 1776.

3. Phases of the Moon

National Moon Day (when Apollo 11 first landed on the moon!) is July 20th, but that doesn’t mean you and your future space explorer can’t start prepping early. This invention simulates the phases of the moon in a lunar month.

4. 4th of July Skyline

Create a 4th of July skyline that lights up – this invention is also a perfect indoor activity in case of rain.

5. Cooling Campfire

Cool down and camp out with this simple but exciting invention.

6. Auto-Cooling Adventure Hat

Keep cool on your outdoor summer adventures! With this invention, you can explore all day long, even while it’s hot, hot, hot outside.

7. Star Chart

Learn about astronomy and project the night sky in your room or on a blank wall outside. This is a wow-worthy activity to teach kids about the stars and gaze at a sparkling summer night sky.

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