The BitOlympics end with a surprise twist (and a double back flip)

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You carried the torch. You played tons of games. Then you invented new games. You inspired us to push ourselves to the limits of inventing. Then keep going for the gold.


Not only did we have some of the best community inventions ever in this challenge, we also had the highest participation EVER – over 170 inventions! Everyone who participated in this challenge deserves a bitOlympic medal for their extraordinary creativity, perseverance, and camaraderie. This was an extremely difficult choice for the judges to make, but after much thought, they have chosen the champions.

The following bitOlympians stood out for their the use of Bits, documentation of their invention, and the elegant adaptation of an existing Olympic sport or design of a completely new sport.


1st Place … A TIE!

Judo #BitOlympics BitOlympics 2016 by BONEVET

Bonevet’s Chapter Leader Edona tells us that “the inspiration to invent this project came from Majlina Kelmendi winning the first ever golden medal in Rio Olympics Women’s Final in Judo. It was a historical moment for Kosovo and it thrived us into replicating our nation’s joyful scenario.”

Tech Table Tennis #BitOlympics 2016 by Mya Berkey

Mya offers these words of wisdom to inventors – and as a two-time challenge winner, she would know.

“Don’t give up! Everything that I’ve made has had some issues, but if you keep at it they are always solvable!”


2nd Place

Big & Little #Bitolympics Soccer Field by pooky

While this invention took silver, we were impressed with all THREE inventions that Luke and Connor submitted to the bitOlympics. How’d they do it? By following their own advice:

“…dream big, and then if you have a challenge while constructing, get creative!”


3rd Place

Futgolf by Baribits

Bariloche Chapter Leader Leo of Baribits found the importance of playtesting was key to this invention. He told us that “…the biggest challenge was to move from a table scale project inside the house, to the open field. But the real challenge came after we made the circuit and we were ready to start playing. Contrary to what we expected, it was REALLY difficult to get the ball into the hole.”


Honorable Mentions


A HUGE thanks to Greg Trefry and Chloe Varelidi for judging this challenge!


Liza Stark

Community + Content Lead


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