The Daily Beast: Four Young Female Inventors and Innovators Make Disruptive Technology Sound Fun

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This past Friday, Ayah appeared on a panel titled ” Women Design the Future” during the Women in the World Summit at Lincoln Center. The panel featured Ayah and three other women speaking about their inventions and the future of technology. Watch Ayah speak about the littleBits mission in the video below and read about the entire panel at The Daily Beast.


With all the time the public will save no longer having to chase down outlets, we can put our collective energy into understanding, re-discovering, and reinventing electronics. That is thanks to littleBits creator Ayah Bdeir who realized that consumers have for too long been buying electronics without knowing how they work. After studying computer engineering in Beirut, she discovered a new way of looking at technology at the MIT Media Lab and created innovative electronic bricks that snap together with magnets. She started her company in 2011 in shared space in New York City’s West Village, and today she sells to 700 countries, 1,800 schools, and has 50 different bits that can create trillions of circuits and objects without wiring or soddering. Think GoldieBlox times thousands.



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