The little Workstation

By admin

We love to combine littleBits with the products that inspire us. In the past, we have “bitified” a makedo kit and MakerBot Thingiverse project. Our latest project was made with the ALEX Toys’ Paper Dispenser.

ALEX creates a range of products for children of all ages. From art supplies and craft kits to playground toys and stuffed animals, we are in awe with their variety of inspirational and educational resources.

To bitify the ALEX Paper Dispenser, we added a button Bit and timeout Bit to scroll the paper a set distance, making it easier to produce multiple and ongoing projects. We also added a light that gets brighter as the surroundings get darker, so you never lose site of what you’re working on. To see the final project in action, checkout the video below. To make one of your own, visit our project page.

little Work Station from littleBits on Vimeo.


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