The littleBits Starter Kit

By ayah

littleBits are NOW ON SALE!

The easiest way to get started with littleBits is the Starter Kit. Get yours now at:


Maker Shed

Think Geek

The Starter Kit costs $129.95* and contains:

  • 10 littleBits:
    • power
    • button
    • dimmer
    • pressure sensor
    • pulse
    • LED
    • RGB LED
    • vibration motor
    • bargraph
    • wire
  • A quick-start instruction set.
  • A free 9V battery
  • A 9V battery connector

* Despite our best efforts, we could not counter the sharp worldwide price increase in magnets, and had to revisit the price of the littleBits Starter kit. Please excuse us.

To place an order, go to:
Maker Shed


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