The Most Inventive Way to Celebrate the 2016 Olympics: BitOlympics Challenge

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Exhalation Game by Jason Huang, Bou-Yu Chen, Chin Ia Hung, Orilla Lin, Hal Maa, Jyun Siang Wang, Huang Shu Ting, Travis Lin


Orilla Lin knew this was an important moment. She leans in, takes a deep breath, then exhales with anticipation. The boat moves! Her motor and Lego mechanism glide effortlessly over the water and past the finish line. She and her seven teammates created Ai Dai Wan, an exhalation game that took home the gold. Last year, Chapters from over 65 countries participated in the 2015 BitOlympics to host 50 events generating over 100 submissions. This year, the celebration of invention, community, and play is back in action.



As the 2016 Summer Olympic games approach, we are excited to announce the 2nd Annual 2016 BitOlympic games! From July 15 until September 5, take the BitOlympic Challenge. Check out our brand new ✨challenges platform📢 to get all the details and submit your invention. What can you expect over the next month and a half? Random trivia, Chapter events, workshop guides, inspiration round ups, extremely playful community calls, and, of course, prizes!!!


5 olympic inspired inventions from last year will make you smile.


#bitolympics Torch Flame!!! by Mariana Jurado



#bitOlympics Rhythmic Gymnastics: Club by doguin



Interactive Pin Golf by Vedantdesai



Bit-Athletics 100m #BitOlympics #Track&Field by drthuler, Jamyle, Luisa and João



LittleBits Valencia Chapter BitOlympics 2015 ‘Bicycle Lazer Tag’ #BitOlympics by Curiosibot



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