The Reviews Are In: The Rule Your Room Kit is a “Dream Come True for Parents”

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You’re a parent. You have two kids at home. They cannot keep their hands off each other, and each other’s stuff. Do you A) Give up immediately. Send them to boarding school. B) Split them up. Send one outside. C) SEND THEM TO THEIR ROOMS.




Trick question – there is no right answer. (Parenting is hard! We’re not here to tell you how to do it.) But with our newest kit, you may have noticed we’re leaning toward C. With the Rule Your Room Kit, kids funnel their energy and creativity into creating inventions that interact with the stuff they already have in their rooms. With the Bits in the box, a kid can animate their posters, protect drawers from siblings, or create a top-secret safe that only they know how to open. The kit is fun, but kids are also developing important skills as they’re creating inventions; skills like critical thinking, creativity, engineering, and perseverance.

The press has been buzzing about the new kit, so we wanted to share a few of our favorite quotes with you:


“Remember when you were a kid and couldn’t keep your mom and your rowdiest sibling out of your room? You’d probably have loved littleBits’ latest kit.” – Engadget


“The included components can also be used to build hundreds of other projects available online, so kids aren’t limited to just setting up boobytraps or messing with siblings—not that they wouldn’t thoroughly enjoy either pastime.” – Gizmodo


“Editor Rating: Excellent. The LittleBits Rule Your Room Kit builds an accessible and educational electronics set around the popular Makey Makey board.” – PC Magazine

“The kit comes with all children need to protect their things while turning ordinary to extraordinary through use of a smart system that promotes interactive play… It’s a lot of fun and a great introduction into the maker scene” – The Next Web


“It’s a dream come true for parents who are looking for hands-on ways to encourage their kids towards creative projects with a STEM slant.” – Tech Savvy Mama


“Lets Kids Set Up Booby Traps, Guarantees Happiness.” – Tech Times


You can learn more about the Rule Your Room Kit or get your own right here.



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