These Hack Your Halloween inventors looked fear in the face, and won

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You made interactive costumes and candy alarms. You unleashed fake spiders with light sensors. You captured ghosts and made pumpkins come alive. You were exceptionally creative and should be proud.

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted to the challenge. This was an incredibly challenging decision. From playful talking skulls to Minecraft-inspired costumes and creepers to pranking your principal (multiple times!), these spooky inventions were top notch.

A big thanks to our judges Elaine, Monty, and Erin from the littleBits Product Design team!

The following winners stood out for their creative use of Bits, documentation of their invention, and an inventive approach to haunting design.

The haunted Tornado house by Rambo 2

Do you believe in ghosts? You will after checking out this invention! Inventor Rambo 2 was inspired by a ghost story of Miss Tornado, a rich heiress killed by her artist lover. She haunts the house in revenge and reminds anyone who trespasses that she is still there. We love this interactive illustration – especially the seamless integration of motors!



Scary Zombie by Cole, Carson, and Richard

Zombies on ziplines!? Beware this house next Halloween! Inventor dad Richard and sons Cole and Carson share their inspiration:

Last year at Halloween, the boys and my wife Bonnie made a Ghoul that lived on our front porch. This year, we thought about what we could do with our littleBits to further our efforts to scare the pants of kids in the neighbourhood.  Then it hit us…let’s hack the ghoul and create the Scary Zombie.  

And their advice for inventors?

I think with any invention, it’s important to be creative first and not worry about how to do it.  Once you have your creative plan together…then you can figure out a way to make it work.



Little Monstober Bit by Natalee

While brainstorming for this challenge, Inventor Natalee thought about what she loves to do on Halloween. The winning idea? Scaring her dog with an animatronic ghost! Not only did she wow judges with her creative use of Legos and zip ties, she also offers some insightful advice for inventors everywhere, whether you’re a n00b or an old pro:

If you don’t think you can do it, think about the challenge again, look at what you have to work with, and find a new way.

Want to remix this or make your own? She walks you through her building process in a super clear and fun way.

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Senior Manager of Learning + Engagement


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