Kids want to think beyond the instruction manual.

To help them, the littleBits team embraces what we call the Invention Cycle. Each of our kits walk kids through an initial build (create), then encourages them to figure out how it works (play), then to build their own customized invention (remix).

littleBits, Invention Cycle

Our Invention Cycle helps kids to gain lifelong learning and skills in problem solving, creative thinking, curiosity, collaboration, and dealing with failure. And importantly, it challenges them to come up with new, innovative ideas every time they play — learning with the guardrails that each of our kits puts in place, then applying their knowledge at their own pace. One way we can amplify their efforts is to give them even more tools to work with.

The Power of Modularity

All littleBits electronic blocks (even from kit to kit) can be combined and reconfigured to create brand-new inventions. In fact, we call modularity our super power. All of our Bits are interchangeable and snap together with magnets.

For parents, this means that your kids can take Bits from their Avengers Hero Inventor Kit, Space Rover Inventor Kit, or any other kit they imagine, and reinvent them — finally allowing their inventions to grow as big as their imaginations. For educators, this gives you the freedom to use littleBits in any way that complements your class activities and curriculum.

This year, our friend Sarah (you remember Sarah!) built three new inventions with some of her favorite kits.

Self-Driving Space Bus

Do you have a Space Rover Inventor Kit and a Base Inventor Kit? Why not invent a self-driving space bus?

Pizza Delivery Bot

Do you have a Droid Inventor Kit and an Avengers Hero Inventor Kit? Are you hungry? Why not invent a pizza delivery bot?

DJ Booth

Do you have an Electronic Music Inventor Kit and an Avengers Hero Inventor Kit? Why not invent a custom DJ booth to play some super jams?

Are your kids extending their play time by combining Bits from other kits to create brand-new inventions? Share their new inventions with us @littleBits!

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