This entrepreneur only owns 15 things and says it’s the key to creativity

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Does minimalism free up enough mental and emotional space for you to create and innovate more deeply? Entrepreneur and self-help guru James Altucher thinks it works. He only owns 15 items.

So, that brings us to the idea of owning a whole lot less stuff. James owns 15 items which include a laptop, an iPad, three sets of pants, and three shirts.

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James is no stranger to trying new things. He’s written 16 books. He believes that college isn’t necessary because it’s so expensive. This expert also knows a thing or two about starting over. He founded a few successful companies, has written widely-circulated books, and has experienced business losses and failures.

Experiencing a repeat series of failures is what propelled James to discard most of his possessions. By going minimalist, he was putting himself first. Paring down what he owned and used is a part of Mr. Altucher’s bigger philosophy in his “Choose Yourself” essay:

“If you don’t choose the life you want to live, chances are, someone else is going to choose it for you. And the results are probably not going to be pretty.”

James is living his own advice: shedding what is unneeded in his life. This has opened him up to an entire lot of new experiences: crashing at various Airbnb homes, trying new adventures, and putting his new philosophies into practice. And from there, his only choice is to keep innovating and moving forward on the path of discovery.

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