This teacher asked her class one simple question…and it started a phenomenon

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Denver teacher Kyle Schwartz just changed classroom dynamics as we know them. All she did was ask her students one simple question: “What is something you wished your teacher knew?”

The responses ranged from deep and insightful to heartbreaking.

From this revelation, Kyle’s class became warmer and more inclusive. And, this one simple activity also sparked a worldwide movement in the education world with the hashtag #IWishMyTeacherKnew.

Teachers started to recreate this simple writing exercise in their classrooms. Relationships changed. Classes, lesson plans, and community activities evolved. From this insightful exercise, educators can build new relationships with their classes. When students feel valued and understood, real learning and innovation can begin.

And now, the movement is a book. Kyle published “I Wish My Teacher Knew.”

As a former English teacher, I stepped into the challenge. My heart swelled with pride when one student passed me a note written in Spanish: “I understood everything that Ms. V said today in class. I feel happy.” And, I felt saddened but ready to empower another young student who gave me a small piece of paper that read: “I wish my teacher knew that I didn’t have a dad.” From that day forward, I resolved to strengthen the relationships in my classroom, between my students and myself, and to also empower my students as a community and with their peers.

With this powerful tool, we can create classrooms where everyone feels comfortable and understood, and foster powerful learning, creativity, and exploration. We can pave the way for future generations to follow their dreams and invent the world they want to live in.

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