This Week in Community: And the winner is…

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We are PUMPED to get started with #InventAnything! This is gonna be the most awesome global community of builders, hackers, artists, designers & makers!! Spread the word, make sure everyone’s on board: Class starts Monday.

This week we decided to do something a little bit different for our weekly recap. In honor of Oscar Sunday, we’ve chosen some of our favorite littleBits movies (ahem, well…videos) from our most talented bitSTARS.

Best actor: Doguin for Toilet Paper Inventory

From all the way in Seoul, Korea, our friend Doguln gave the performance of a lifetime. Doguin is versed in method acting, and his frustration leaps off the screen and into our hearts! You will never look at toilet paper in the same way again!




Best Actress: Danielle Delgado for Fixing Tower of Pisa

As the brave on the scene reporter, Delgado encapsulates the thrilling excitement of history in the making. This 3D Printing Girl is a newcomer to the screen, but this won’t be the last time she wins Oscar gold!




Best Original Score: Tanaka Satoshi for Cardboard Accordion

The soothing melodies of this Japanese bricolage wizard wood us and beat the stiff competition. John Williams Schmon Williams. Danny Elfman Schmanny Elfman. Ennio Morricone Schmennio Schmorricone.




Best Director: MR. STEAM for A littleBits Universe

Some are calling him the new Kubrick for his keen sense of detail, intrigue and adventure. Mr. STEAM’s Universe is a breathtaking blastoff into another dimension.




Best Set Design: Nnnnorthy for Hamster Maze

In this film, our protagonist embarks on an adventure in a seemingly never ending landscape, carefully designed by Shanghai’s Nnnnorothy.




Best Special Effects: Diana Rendina for littleBits RC Car

A true triumph in technological advancement, Diana & her students spent long hours developing a masterful car to depict a Big Brother-esque future of automotive surveillance.









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