This Week In Community: Big Game, Fake Blizzard, Conferences, Workshops & More!

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We’re one month into 2015. How’s it going? Hello? Oh this is a blog not gchat. Sorry. Let’s see what went down this week in the bitosphere:



Time’s ticking on our New Year’s Resolutions challenge. Submit your #SnapToIt project by Sunday morning for a chance to win a $75 gift card PLUS a feature in our Meet The Maker series! Also , you’ll become bit royalty by being inducted into our Community Hall of Fame. Upload you projects to the MakerHub to be entered to win!


Inventgenuity Festival


Big thanks to Open Source Gallery for hosting a bitBots workshop at BeamCenter’s annual Inventgenuity Festival! There are more bitBots workshops open for registration, including bitBots + #Arduino. bitBots is an 8-week workshop that encourages kids to combine their technical and artistic skills to create whatever they can imagine.






Color Sensor


Jude Brisson is a littleBits community all star, and this week she submitted a mind blowing module to the bitLab:

The color sensor detects red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, and magenta. It outputs different voltage levels for different colors.  Use it as a synth controller to make a unique, color sensitive, musical instrument that plays C,D,E,F,G,A,B,C.

Behold the color sensor’s epicness and go vote so you can get your hands on it.









#bitLab Week


The bitLab was featured by the lovely folks at Making Society this week! First off, bitLab lead Andrew Avrin sat down with Making Society’s Mathilde for a one on one interview about all things bitLab. The week continued with a two part series on How To Succeed in the bitLab (Part 1, Part 2). We’re so glad we were able to share the inside scoop on littleBits’ dedication to user generated hardware with Maker Society’s audience. Check them out if you haven’t already, they’re awesome!






Meet The Makers


This week we met the people that make littleBits looks so good: Big D & Rolo aka Diana & Rochelle. They talked about their inspirations, dreambits, most epic projects, superpowers & more. Warning, as you can tell by the gif below they’re serious business to don’t mess with them!





Snowmageddon Schmowmageddon


Dear everyone who doesn’t live on the east coast of the United States: Sorry for filling your feeds with a bunch of posts about the smallest blizzard ever. But while the hype was bubbling, we shared some snowed-in projects. Use these during the next (actual) blizzard.







Lastly, with the big game on Sunday, here are a couple of pig skinned-themed projects to add some geeky fun to your party!


Need help making your prediction for who’s gonna win? How about a quick game of BristleBall, a miniature electric football game made with littleBits. Strategically position the vibration motor via the vibeSnap on the playing surface, press the button, and watch your players run a variety of improvised plays as they glide around on toothbrush bristles.

Touchdown Confetti Cannon
He. Could. Go. All. The. Way! Celebrate touchdowns (or the big win) with this motion reactive paper confetti cannon designed by christinadanton.



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