This Week In Community: Bits + Bricks = <3

By Chloe Varelidi

This week our community has been obsessing over the new Brick Adapter for LEGO®  and geeking out with Tricks With Bits for Halloween. Plus a romantic CloudBit projects and events in New York, Boston and Qatar!

Bits + Bricks = <3


To celebrate the launch of the Brick Adapter, our Community Gurus Arthur Sacek from Brazil, Philip Verbeek from the Netherlands  and Hitoshi Takagaki from Japan, made some incredible projects. Read all about their projects and process on our special Meet The Makers post:


Many of you shared with us your excitement for the new Brick Adapter launch. Here are some of our favorite comments & quotes from the week.

“A match made in heaven for geeks.”

“Too cool. So many possibilities!”

“Yes! #WhatIf #LEGO + #littleBits =#Awesome?!”

“Oh sweet googly moogly”

“Using #littlebits with lego is beautifully perfect”

We also received a lot of love for the stop-motion video we made to announce the launch. In particular you wanted to know how to make the cool creepy crawly machine that makes an appearance in the trailer. Ask no more! this easy tutorial will have you building this bug in just a few minutes:

#TricksWithBits Halloween Projects

On that making note, here are a few of our favorite makes from this weeks’ Tricks With Bits Halloween contest

L-wire Glasses by Mary Marshal


3D Printed Hack-O-Lantern by Clint John

Noisy ghost by Jude Brisson (Made with a synth and the controllable RGB LED Module)


More Community Projects

This weeks’ maker-y doesn’t end with Halloween. Here are some other fun community projects that caught our eye in the bitosphere.

Romantic CloudBit powered “Thinking Of You” project made by Matt Richardson. The perfect make if you have a long distance boyfriend or girlfriend, you can make it by following the instruction here:


Remote Controlled GoPro Camera Rover, that uses the wireless receiver and transmitter bits made by mwilkinson3


A sweet-sounding Arduino powered Synth made by Brian Kelly.  The project maps a slider (or other input) to a musical scale, making it easy to jam and sound pretty good without having to learn any scales or music theory. Enjoy it in action in the video below and make it yourself following the instructions over here:

bitLab live

bitLab live featured a bleep-tastic performance by Dr Bleep and a guest appearance by David one of our amazing designers (Paul was away this week!) who showed off the brick adapter. Watch the replay here and catch our next episode, Tuesday at 4pm EST with Greg from Backyard Brains who will demo the EMG Spikerbox. 

To avoid technical hiccups, we will be sharing the live link 30 minutes before the show on our twitter channel. Stay tuned+alert!

Educator Spotlight

 Sean Newman Maroni, from BetaVersity gives some great advice to other educators using littleBits in this weeks’ educator spotlight;

” We found that littleBits are the perfect way to show how electrons flow through electrical systems. We’ve used them as props while communicating V = IR to middle schoolers. When students can process new information while using their hands, we’ve seen that they are both more engaged in the activity, and tend to more deeply internalize the concepts.”

Read the full blog post here.

Another Eventful Week

Our CEO & founder Ayah Bdeir gave a great talk at Poptech’s Rebellion conference, hosted by John Maeda. “Technology tends to be presented in a closed, discrete manner that lacks organic-ism and magic.” Ayah said and encouraged for a coup d’état against our things. If you missed the livestream you can re-watch the talk here.


Our community hosted a meetup with AlphaOneLabs in New York City. The event had makers, hackers, engineers, designers, and developers prototype their very own littleBits modules.

In Boston we partnered with Hacking Pediatrics, an organization focused on pediatric healthcare. Hacking Pediatrics hosted a two day hackathon, sponsored by Boston Children’s Hospital in collaboration with MIT’s H@cking Medicine. In under 36 hours, 16 teams brought to life incredible ideas that will change the lives of children and their families.

Starting this weekend we are also at the WISE Learning Festival in Doha, Qatar. Since 2009, WISE has brought together decision makers, influential experts and practitioners at an annual Summit in Doha, to explore groundbreaking innovations and take concrete steps to make significant improvements to worldwide education.

(Cardboard) Movie Time

Last but not least this week was the end of the Imagination foundations’ Global Cardboard Challenge. We were proud sponsors of the challenge here are littleBits and were so happy to see the amazing movies submitted. Perfect for a movie night – you can watch all the trailer contest winners here

That’s all for this week- till next time, happy making!


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