This Week In Community: Contests, Makeathons, Projects, Oh My!

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#InventAnything Community Call with MaKey MaKey & NYU Steinhardt!


You can’t keep Eric + Alex from making instruments. The co-inventor of the MakeyMakey just can’t help it. And Alex encourages us to grab objects and imagine their sonic personality. Like, you know, any spare Kermit the Frog you might have lying around…Check out our interview with them #ICYMI

Crazy Contraption Circle Making Machine


To celebrate the Pi Day of the Century (3/14/15), we’re challenging you to make pi-themed projects this weekend. Yesterday, Amy shared her circle making machine! What will you make?




Bringing the Bard Back to Life with Bits


David Saunders did the impossible and brought Shakespeare back to life…kinda. His students recorded famous quotes from the immortal Bard on an mp3 player bit and David constructed a Zoltan-eque both equipped with a bust of Billy!



Bubble Flute


Jakester warmed our hearts with his awesome voice activated bubble maker! We couldn’t get his little tune out of our heads all week and we loved it!




Smarter Than Your Home Contest




Upcycle your boring devices with littleBits & shapeways for our 3D+IoT Challenge! The winner will recieve $500 in shapeways printing credits & one of every kit we have to offer!!!

With the deadline just weeks away (March 28), here are some projects from our Makeathon to inspire you:



Remorse-code by Adelle & Caroline




Tooth Doodle by Boian & Marjorie



Sheet Saver by Bianca, Chris, Daniel, Jude, Nick & Stephanie




Munch & Make Global Makeathon




On March 28 & 29, grab some friends, some bits & some noms to be a part of our Global Makeathon!

Plan a casual event for your friends, family and local bitsters for a day of “munching & making.” You can host the event in your kitchen, backyard or local makerspace and you will get support from us and through our network of almost 3,000 bitsters from 45 countries.

Ask a few of your friends to come over on a weekend afternoon for some casual eating + littleBits hacking.

Don’t forget to share the projects + photos from the day of your event on the project page. Also, share pictures on twitter and instagram using the #InventAnything hashtag so we can all celebrate together from different parts of the world!





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