This Week in Community: Invent! Anything! With! Mitch! Resnick!

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What a week ! Our first community call was out of this world fun, while in the forums the Basics crew took it home by posting nearly 50 projects!


Nearly 100 bitsters joined us on Wednesday for orientation and to talk with Mitch Resnick about creativity and learning.


The small groups were buzzing! Our top moments from the call:


The Importance of Feeling Safe When You Play

During our talk with Professor Resnick about the four Ps (Peers, Passion, Play and Projects) Community member Gayle R imparted some sage advice in the Unhangout Chat.

  • “I say “fall” not “fail” because you can get up after you fall”
  • “Playing is not being attached to an outcome and letting exploration unfold organically”


The “After Party” Room

After our 12 noon Community Call, Chloe and I noticed that people were hanging out afterwards. In fact, a few of you asked to have a designated “After Party” room in the Unhangouts so people could connect and share.

When we dropped by after the 7pm call, Peter was sharing his bitified harp:

Due to popular demand, we’re going to leave an “After Party” room open after the Community Call for folks to casually meetup and chit-chat. Thanks for the suggestion!


Join Us Next Wednesday!

12pm EST: Meet and Make: Bring your work in progress and get feedback from your peers and littleBits designers. Tell us, YES! I’m attending!

7pm EST: Fireside Chat with Ariel Waldman of Spacehack (followed by Meet and Make). Tell us, YES! I’m attending!


Track Highlights

The Basics track is killing it!

With more than 50 Scavenger Hunts posted so far! like this one by @ainemae

There are a lot of pet projects!

@mercadoalex is working on a prototype of a pet feeder made of cardboard.



@joellemcowan Made a Modified Fish Feeder

Using the cloud bit, motor, and a LEGO conveyor belt build, I have modified the fish feeder project to work with flake food and our tank. All we’ll need to do when on vacation is bring up cloud control and feed the fish. Yes, IFFTT could be used to automate it, but our son likes to “feed the fish,” so keeping it “manual” works better for us.

See the whole project she uploaded at:

@ValentinaC Reminded Us to Steal Like Artists

A Brief Scene from the Community Call


Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 6.16.35 PM



Daniel M: lol im in IoT
B I: Best community ever



Yep. We rule.


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