This week in Community: It’s Halloween!

By Chloe Varelidi

This weeks’ community recap is dedicated to all the amazing entries we got for the #TricksWithBits contest.  Check out some of the best entries below and scroll down to find out the winners of the most ghoulish hack!

Tweet or Treat made by @charliesmbdy

This Cloud bit powered pumpkin will give you a treat every time you tweet @Saatchi_Pumpkin! 


Enderman head costume by Kevin_Kozlowski

Made just one long LED bits this is the perfect costume for any Minecraft fans!


DIY Darth & Han costumes by kpersaud & @fridgebuzzz

May the force be with you!


Sound Activated Halloween Evil Pirate Skull by 3DPrintingGirls

This 3D printed scull opens it’s mouth using the Arduino & Servo bits


Spooky Gum Ball Machine(watch the video!)  by Magy Esparza

We call this spooky contraption #TreatsWithBits.


Moving PaperBats by Sebastian Kerner

Using a servo, motion trigger and timeout bits these cut out paper bats attached to an invisible thread move when someone enters a room.

Creepy Portait by Chuckphillips (and sons)

An adorable version of our creepy portrait project, using the motion trigger, wire and a servo bit.


Yoda Pumkin by Bytemeorg

May the Force be with you (again!)


3D Printed Hack-O-Latern by clintjohns

A 3D version of our classic hack-o-latern project!

Noisy Ghost by JackAndJude

Made with Jude’s RGB Controllable LEDbit from bitLab! (Vote for it here)


Front Door Skeleton That Comes Alive by DQ

A knock activated skeleton that comes alive with blinking eyes and a glowing body to spook some Halloween trick-or-treaters. Made with the pulse, l-wire, timeout and pulse bits!

Strobe Eyes Frankenstein by DavidatPCS

An even creepier version of the creepy portait.


Moving PaperBats by Sebastian Kerner

Spooky Gum Ball Machine by Magy Esparza

Front Door Skeleton That Comes Alive by DQ

A bit THANK YOU once more to everyone who submitted an entry and Happy Halloween from the littleBits team!



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