This Week in Community: Makers, Educators, Futurists & More

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All Things IoT & cloudBit at our #InventAnything Community Call

At this week’s #InventAnything Community Call, Corey from Etsy and our very own Syed joined Chloe to talk about the Internet of Things. We discussed how can we protect our private data, the role of IoT in the maker community & how IoT devices can improve connections between humans as well as hardware to software. Corey & Syed also shared some of their favorite cloudBit projects. Syed created a way to connect Minecraft’s Redstone to his IoT device to his light switch & Corey used IFTTT to play music and change his Hue light’s color when his girlfriend comes home.







Oh, it’s on! We created the most bitified bracket and we want you to tell us which bit is the best. Submit your bracket by Monday night for a chance to win a custom littleBits jersey autographed by our CEO Ayah Bdeir & more!




Global Makeathon Weekend

The menus are set. The bits are in order. People are ramping up for next weekend’s Global Makeathon! We’ve listed some makeathons here, from Singapore to Atlanta. 

Share the date and time of your event here. 




And if you’re in New York, be sure to come to our big makeathon at the Centre for Social Innovation.

RSVP here.




Meet These Makers

This week we introduced you to two amazing littleBits makers.


On Tuesday we profiled MJ Caseldon of Caseldon Studios, maker of the Sounding Box Series.



MJ discussed his interests, influences and artistic process.

My maker superpower is electronics design. Before I started Caselden Studios I worked for bigger companies as a design engineer, so my role was basically to take raw concepts of new products, and then build out electronics in to a working prototype. That means circuit design, writing code, etc etc.

But my heart has always been in music, too. I’ve been making electronic music for many years. Over time I noticed a pattern: every time that I want to compose a new song, I usually end up designing new instruments or software to control the sounds. That would range from writing code for new plug-ins, to actually building new synthesizers. I also like to hack toys and see what kind of crazy new sounds and behavior I can get out of them.


Then, on Wednesday, we posted our interview with Richard Born, an Associate Professor Emeritus who is bringing middle and high school STEM lessons to life.


Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 10.47.23 AM



Richard discussed how he uses littleBits for teaching physics, computer programming and mathematics concepts in this week’s spotlight. 

What advice can you offer teachers who are new to littleBits?

Play, innovate, and enjoy!



The New School’s Future Lab

Future Lab is a course at Parsons The New School for Design in which students re-imagine their future life with the latest Internet of Things devices. This week the students share two smart solutions to everyday grievances:


Scapegoat Phone Call


Ever been approached by a person who you just don’t want to deal with? All you need is an escape plan. The ‘SCAPEGOAT PHONE CALL’ is an excellent way to excuse yourself from anyone who you want to avoid. The product simply requires you to push a button which triggers a fake phone call! Now you have a reason to run away.



Smart Bank


This bank records the amount of quarters inside of it as you add it. Then, it keeps a record of the money inside in a Google spreadsheet for you!




Welp, it’s Friday. Time to fire up the drinkerBot. Cheers.




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