This Week In Community : Scratch Offline, 3D Hubs, React.js & HOLIDAYS!

By Chloe Varelidi

Hello bit’sters, ’tis official holiday season here in the bitosphere and we have lot’s of merry community news to report on. Without further ado here are our top community highlights for the past week.


A Snack Swatter for your Thanksgiving table ? Taking that classic ugly sweater into the 21st century- with an Ugly Sweater Hack ? This holiday season we ‘ve got you covered. Check out all these projects to get started.















#Bitify Submissions are coming in! We love getting these on our project page. Keep’ em coming and don’t forget you have till Dec 4th to submit your city projects. Details here.

ELECTRONICADIVERTIDA.COM made a littleBits extension for Scratch 2.0 Offline, allowing you to program your littleBits projects with the Arduino module and Scratch language! They even created a “more blocks” tab so you can control your project using simulated littleBits modules on the screen.

This week we also revealed our new Holiday kits and got some Christmas hacks on twitter like this stunning 3D Ornament by morphi.















This week we met Zachary McCune, Culture Hacker and Maker of the Tide Machine. Zachary likes crafting ‘Social Machines.’ and making objects that show social media activity or require interaction from friends around the world to work. Read his full interview here.














bitLab NEWS

Firstly, bitLab live has a new page! Bookmark it to watch the show live and join us next Tuesday at 4pm for a very special show. We will be announcing something BIG! In the meantime we had some fun new submissions like the individually controllable RGBstrip Bit. It’s creator Philip Verbeek will join us for next weeks’ show.



This week in education we collaborated with the Skype in the classroom program and connected Ms. Thompson’s classroom at Evans Elementary in Alabama with Kristin and Ed, from the littleBits engineering team. Students crafted their own questions to understand what it’s like to be an electronics engineer, with topics ranging from product design, course advise, favorite projects and team collaboration.

Click the image below to see the recording of the session; we hope it inspires you to explore engineering careers and littleBits with your students!

Screen Shot 2014-11-12 at 4.12.26 PM



A record number of events happened this week. Here is a round-up!

Tuesday we hosted a packed REACT.JS meetup at our HQs with headliner David Nolan showing all sort of demos and discussing the future of programming. Make sure to sign up for the meetup page to get notified for the next one.

Wednesday we had a great bitLab meetup at infamous NYC Resistor, with a big shout out to Kristen from Engineering who worked intently with Maddy, one of our soon-to-be bitLab submitters, to troubleshoot her design.  We also introduced littleBits to some newcomers and they quickly started building and hacking away at the cloudBit API, as well as running Cloud Control on One Laptop per Child for the very first time.

NYC resistor meetup

3D Hubs co -founder Bram De Zwart came to our HQs this week to host a great talk on democratizing 3D Printing.

Last but not least we hosted a Techstars Workshop to build connected devices at RGA this week. Lots’ of fun ensued.




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