This Week In Community: Shapeways, SpaceHack, Pinball, MaKey MaKey & More!

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Yo bitsers! This week was pretty fun, we had a weekend makeathon with Shapeways & a great Community Call with Ariel Waldman of Space Hack. Let’s look back at the week that was.


Smarter Gadgets Makeathon with Shapeways


Last Saturday, makers, artists, designers, engineers, consultants, moms, sons and pizza-enthusiast came to our office for our 3D Printing + IoT Makeathon, in collaboration with Shapeways! The attendees were asked to bring a normal, mundane object to upcycle and then broke up into teams to create cloud-controlled projects. By the end of the day, we had a better way to dispense toilet paper, a toothbrush seismograph, a way to share your mood with your friends & more! Check out the full recap here. 





#Invent Anything Community Calls


This week’s community called featured two very talented humans. At noon, we talked with littleBits industrial designer David Sharp about his favorite videos, shop tools, projects & more.



Then at 7PM we were graced by the awesomeness of Ariel Waldman, who taught us that science shouldn’t be a scary, daunting word. Ariel discussed her work at Space Hack and encouraged makers to learn that there’s more than one way to make, think & do.



Next Week’s #InventAnything Community Calls!!!

Next week we have a double whammy of guests: the cofounder of MaKey MaKey Eric Rosenbaum and NYU professor Alex Ruthmann!!!!W#!@51%^!^%@#



We’re also having a Meet & Make design challenge at 7PM EST! If you’re planning on attending either of these calls LET US KNOW by RSVP’ing here!



Meet the Pinball Wizard Makers: Steven & Christina Young


The Youngs are a brother-sister duo who won the littleBits prize at this year’s HackCooper event at the Cooper Union. We were an exclusive hardware sponsor of the event, and teams spent 24 hours straight using random pieces of craft and trash to put together projects.




The Youngs created a functioning pinball machine, and took home the Best littleBits Project & Best Overall Aesthetics Prizes! They also did a great job combining the tools they had at their disposal, including laser cutters, acrylic sheets and sponsor swag, to create the frame around their circuits.


Am I being too loud?


Tim Cox is back. You see, Tim has a booming tone, and sometimes HE CANNOT CONTROL THE VOLUME OF HIS VOICE.




So he created a simple wearable device to let him know when he’s being a tad bit loud. Shout out to Katie for putting up with him 🙂



Waffles Vs. Pancakes


On Friday afternoon, our visual designer Rochelle Lo aka Rolo brought up the idea of Waffle Wednesday. Little did she know that she just stepped onto a batterfeild. Soldiers of #TeamPancakes started hating hard, saying that Waffles aren’t even worthy of maple syrup. We took the conversation to Twitter and here’s what you said.




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